The MetalMaster, with integrated fume extraction cutting table, features compact modular construction for easy and fast installation and initial operation. It is designed for top quality plasma cutting meeting the highest demands for productivity and accuracy. It offers to you high speed, high accuracy.

Your Advantages

  • Working widths up to 1900 mm
  • Maximum working length up to 6000 mm
  • Max. speed up to 12 m/min
  • Integrated cutting table (max. plate thickness 25 mm)
  • Specialised for precision plasma
  • Torch height Control System
  • IHS device + ARC height control
  • Practical and reliable Mechanical Pneumatic Press Torch Suspension
  • Up and down stroke 80 mm
  • Pneumatic Press auto height control

Maintenance-free drive unit, bilateral longitudinal drives and precise machine guiding profiles provide high cutting accuracy and contouring precision. Specialised OL100 torch lifter combined with IHS and height control make it possible of low consumables consumption and efficient precision cutting. The plate support table, which is divided into a number of sections, allows efficient fume extraction even with a small fan/filter unit.


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