MeXcel high-efficiency cutting machine is a multi-functional high-end integrated machine newly developed by Messer cutting systems. It is an outstanding representative of high-tech equipment in the current thermal cutting industry. It has excellent high speed and high acceleration, and is available in a variety of cutting configurations: plasma straight and bevel cutting, laser cutting, plasma and laser combined cutting.

MeXcel machine can be equipped with both laser and plasma cutting head - laser cutting can be used to cut the hole and plasma cutting is used when cutting the outer contour of the part. Messer's unique Global Control CNC system automatically switches between the two cutting processes, greatly improving the cutting quality and cutting efficiency.

The original Global Control CNC system from Messer in Germany embodies advanced technology: touch screen, designed and exquisite workmanship, friendly HMI, which is very easy to learn and operate. The concise cutting process database in the machine makes it easy for operators to become “cutting experts”. Virtual service capabilities help customers get remote operational services.

MeXcel machine is fitted with auto plate alignment function. The special camera images the plate on the touch screen, so that the operator can observe the steel plate without looking at the display, which improves the calibration accuracy and work efficiency. The torch lift system uses Messer's new CSL high-speed torch with a maximum speed of up to 30m/min. This lift system is used for both plasma and laser straight cutting. The CSL torch for plasma cutting is also equipped with Messer's dedicated anti-collision device, which provides fast collision protection and good protection of the torch lift system and torch. MeXcel cutting machine can also choose automatic slag cleaning function, clear slag without stopping.

MeXcel cutting machine has achieved a milestone in the field of plasma cutting machines - it not only increases the speed of the plasma cutting machine to a revolutionary 57 m/min, but also increases the acceleration to 0.5 g, so the cutting quality is greatly improved.


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