OmniMat TP is the ideal choice for steel mill and large racks manufacturer. The OmniMat TP (PlateCom), ideally suited for steel mills, is available with many special functions e.g. edge cutting, division cutting, dissecting cutting, sample cutting, parts cutting, etc. which enables you to cut with oxyfuel, underwater or dry plasma.
It is also the ideal machine for rack cutting with ALFA flame torches-up to 12 cutting heads.  Multi-heads cutting at the same time is available, single side and double side racks can be cut together as well.

Your Advantages

  • Depending on the machine equipment a working width up to 12000 mm can be reached
  • Extendable longitudinal length
  • Stable construction,  accurate guide
  • Linear guides on the bridge give smooth and precise cuts
  • Designed with the most modern CAD tools for optimum dynamic performance and maximum robustness
  • High performance AC drives for speeds up to 24 m/min and high acceleration
  • Increased productive times through highest acceleration and positioning speeds
  • High stability and durability

The OmniMat TP has a sturdy portal design, positive bilateral longitudinal drives and a precise machine guiding profile, providing you high cutting accuracy and contouring precision.

OmniMat TP is widely used in large steel mills and offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industries.


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