FiberBlade V, the new fifth generation high speed laser cutting machine, benefiting from Messer’s high speed cutting technology, can achieve top level productivity in the industry. It is simple and user-friendly HMI helps operator to produce high quality products  after short-term training.

Your Advantages

  • New generation of Global Control Plus CNC system
  • Messer's proprietary technology, based on high-speed cutting capabilities developed by high-dynamic platforms, greatly increases production capacity
  • Ultra jump function shortens positioning time, improves processing efficiency
  • Standard features: auto alignment, auto focusing and auto gas pressure adjustment
  • Datalog function to generate production reports automatically
  • Tested and verified standard database based on local materials
  • The verified high quality sharp-angle cutting technology based on complicated layouts from customer site
  • Stable processing quality benefitting from lens condition monitoring technology
  • Preventive maintenance tips and warning function reducing downtime
  • Remote service, online diagnosis and trouble shooting, effectively reducing downtime and saving extra-service expenses.
  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.03 mm/m
  • Max. simultaneous:169 m/min
  • Max. acceleration: 1.5 g


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Messer Cutting Systems is the solution provider for the metalworking industry. In addition to cutting machines and oxyfuel technology, we offer software solutions, spare parts and a wide range of services.

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